Anouk van Zwieten

Schilderkunst, Tekenkunst

All the best, solo exhibition, galerie tegenboschvanvreden, Amsterdam

Violence, 183x122x3,5cm, Acrylic on linnen 2022

L 183x122cm

Sunrise Tours, Poject Mayhem, W139 Amsterdam

L 183x122cm

Square, 183x122x3,5cm, Acrylic on linnen 2022

PADA studio's solo install


My paintings are the material reflection of events that I observe and experience in daily life. The painting process starts with intuitive shapes and colors that, as it were, constantly remain "in transition", driven by quick associations and interpretations. I like the tension between abstraction and figuration and there are concrete visual elements that regularly appear in my work, such as a cigarette, the contours of a fish or the skyline of an industrial area. With these fragmented traces from daily life, I explore the boundaries of reality. I want to link reality to my paintings, as if a canvas were a "crime scene": here it is not about the painting gesture as such, or about pure representation, but about the canvas as a mystery of emotional encounters, interventions and clashes.

The motifs that I derive from everyday reality have their origins in social themes and they are in some way an expression of my vision of our time. For example, I started painting goldfish because of the sad impression that the two goldfish of a friend made on me. For me the image of the fish on the table in a bowl that is too small was an illustration of how people treat animals. At the same time, the fish and the endless repetition of the same circle they swam calmed me down. It has always been an overarching theme in my work: man as a paradoxical being, and our complex relationship with our environment and nature. Ambiguity - as in the example of the fishbowl banality and tranquility versus tragedy - is a constant in my work.


  • All the best, solo exhibition at gallery tegenboschvanvreden, Amsterdam
  • Art Rotterdam, prospects and concepts
  • Art Rotterdam, stand gallery tegenboschvanvreden
  • Grazed land, PADA Studio's, Bareirro Portugal
  • Voorlopig voltooid, Centraal Museum, Utrecht
  • Unfair20 Temporary Museum, Amsterdam
  • THE PAINTING SHOW tegenboschvanvreden, Amsterdam


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