Benjamin Pompe

Digitale kunst, Installaties, Videokunst
The Misfortunes of Ass and Pony

The Misfortunes of Ass and Pony

Virtual Monody

Virtual Monody


Benjamin Pompe primarily works with digital media. His works often take on a physical form through 3D printing/sculpture, installation and performance. He investigates the position of the self in highly fictional spaces by creating his own imaginative scenes comprising different sources. By doing so, Benjamin reinterprets stories and tales with a contemporary lens, ultimately reflecting on the liquid state of the self in a technologically dominated world. The visual language of his work references and samples symbols of the online world and video games. Which links to diverse historical narratives, artefacts, architecture and mythology. This collaged nature of production introduces a tension between tangible and virtual, as well as fact and fiction.


  • StartPoint 2022
  • Songs By the Creek
  • Fresh Cacao


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