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transpose essence of forms Ferrand @ Barznge @ Ballemans @ Groot Antink

27 januari 2018 17 maart 2018

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12-18 uur wo-za
27 januari 17-19 uur


Galerie SANAA
Jansdam 2,
3512 HB Utrecht
Wo–Za / 12.00–18.00

Isabel Ferrand shows new work made in Japan inspired by the underlying principles of Ikebana. She deconstructed photos of a Kobuchi tree, by erasing branches so to extract the unnecessary. Fatima Barznge is inspired by geometric forms of islamic ornaments and in her new drawings she transforms these forms. Yasser Ballemans shows ceramic sculptures, with their irregular contours and cut-out shapes, the figures of Yasser Ballemans refer to oriental ornaments and Japanese origami. Nan Groot Antink makes a combination of her works - always coloured by paint made by herself out of plants/animals. In her work she always searches for the essence and creates pure images.