Folktales and taboos # NL

Folktales and taboos # NL

Participating artists are: Raquel van Haver (Columbia / NL), Terrance Musekiwa (Zim), Option Dzikamai Nyahunzvi (Zim), Fleur Ouwerkerk (NL), Raul Balai (Surinam / NL), Richard Kofi (Ghana / NL)

In an initiative of Raquel van Haver and Admire Kamudzengerere (alumni Thami Mnyele and Rijksacademie), a group of young artists from Zimbabwe and the Netherlands worked together on the theme of Folktales and Taboos.

In a continuation of the project that Van Haver previously carried out in Zimbabwe, with a larger group of Zimbabwean artists, the two young artists, Terrence Musekia and Option Dzikamai Nyahunzvi, were invited to The Netherlands where they did research and work on folklore in the Netherlands; in particular the folklore around the Dutch carnival. The result of this collaboration will be shown at SANAA.

In collaboration with The Thami Mnyele Foundation (residency and workshop), CBK Zuidoost, The National Gallery Zimbabwe and Dzimbanhete Arts Interactions Trust.


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