VOGELFREi  / Digital Care: Remko Scha

VOGELFREi  / Digital Care: Remko Scha

On 17 June, LI-MA links up with Creative Coding Utrecht and VOGELFREI to present the re-coded works of Remko Scha’s Artificial. These works will be displayed as part of Digital Care: Remko Scha IAAA ReCoding Artificial. In May, this group of artists re-coded Scha’s Artificial. The original work by Scha consists of a series of aleatoric art generation programs created throughout his career. The artists came together in a pressure cooker, and took Scha’s Artificial as a starting point to create (a) new work(s). What will happen if we take the concept and technology of a pioneering work from the past, and look at them from today’s perspectives? The group worked out new ideas to create prototypes to be displayed at VOGELFREI.

During Digital Care: Remko Scha the artists Darien Brito, Joyce den Hertog, Maxim Schoemaker, Niki Scheijen, and Rein van der Woerd will present their recoded works with an exhibition and we will hear a talk from close colleagues of late Remko Scha Jos de Bruin and Hein Eberson.

ReCoding by Creative Coding Utrecht

In previous re-coding projects, Creative Coding Utrecht took the same approach: inspiring a new generation of makers through the work of a Dutch pioneer in Media Art. Last year we worked with Edwin van der Heide to re-code his work Speed of Sound. In one weekend, guided by Van der Heide, a group of young makers worked on the concept of (audio) feedback. This resulted in three sound installations that were displayed at Art Machines 2022, a festival about art, technology and music.

Remko Scha at REBOOT by LI-MA

This autumn, LI-MA and Nieuwe Instituut will present REBOOT. Pioneering digital art, an exhibition at Nieuwe Instituut. Remko Scha’s Institute of Artificial Art Amsterdam (IAAA, 1990-present) is part of this exhibition. Leading up to this exhibition, some of the iconic artworks will be explored and contextualized within a collaborative trajectory entitled Digital Care. Digital Care works will highlight some of the works and take them as a starting point to inspire novel reflections, or re-coding. Amongst them Artificial by Remko Scha (1945-2015), one of the works that he made as part of IAAA.

Tickets €7,50 (regular) / €5,- (student)

 stills van het originele werk Artificialvan Remko Scha
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