Young Utrecht Delight

Young Utrecht Delight

Galerie Sanaa presents Young Utrecht Delight. Showing the combined but diverse work of young HKU alumni

Participating artists are: Jessica Skowroneck (NL), Raquel van Haver (Columbia / NL), Guy Vording (NL), Cecilia Rebergen (NL), Joyce Overheul (NL), Benine du Toit (RSA / NL), Mariaan van den Berg (RSA / NL), Robert Roest (NL)

Jessica Skowroneck shows pure paintings that radiates with light. RaQuel van Haver is interested in the interaction and abrasion between identity, background and ethnicity. Guy Vording looks for photographs and texts that almost always have to do with events where the control is lost. In the sculptural paintings of Cecilia Rebergen she searches for the boundaries of the painted object. Joyce Overheul creates and manipulates human behavior and confronts people with their own actions through multiple media. Benine du Toit analyses tensions, emotion and reluctance toward one another in South Africa. Mariaan van den Berg focuses on adaptability through her spacial works. The work of Robert Roest is visually rooted in both the contemporary world of new media as in the history of painting.






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