Bart Lunenburg

Beeldhouwkunst, Fotografie, Installaties
Ashes | Ashes (2022)

Ashes | Ashes (2022)

Oak wood, charred wood, photographic series

Sculptural installation with photographic series 'The Healer (2022)', solo exhibition RAVNIKAR, Ljubljana (SI)

Garment, after Dom Hans van der Laan (2022)

Garment, after Dom Hans van der Laan (2022)

Oakwood, wooden scraps from the wardrobes of the Sisters of

L 270 x B 350 x H 90

Sculpture screen based on Dom Hans van der Laan’s Order of Size
Solo exhibition, Buitenplaats Doornburgh, Maarssen (NL)

Thread to tread (2022)

Thread to tread (2022)


Site-specific textile installation
Solo exhibition, Buitenplaats Doornburgh, Maarssen (NL)

Geest (2023-24)

Geest (2023-24)

Oiled oak and ash wood

L 160 x B 240 x H 80

Sculptural installation + series wall sculptures
Group exhibition, 'Hoeders van het Land', Kunstenlab, Deventer (NL)

Warding Window (2023)

Warding Window (2023)

Inlaid painted wood

L 46 x B 1,2 x H 32

Installation with double-sided wall sculptures
Group exhibition 'Hoeders van het Land', Kunstenlab, Deventer (NL)

Passage (2023)

Passage (2023)

Pine, spruce, ash, oak, walnut, linden wood

L 152 x B 165 x H 41

Sculptural installation
Group exhibition 'At the farthest edge: Re-building Photography', Atelier NŌUA, Bodø (NO)


In my multidisciplinary artistic practice, I work with architecture, the memory of buildings, architectural history, and heritage. I mainly work with scale models, which in their turn can lead to the creation of sculptures, photographs, drawings, and textiles, often coming together in installations and books.

In my projects, I try to ‘excavate’ the memory of buildings by researching archival materials combined with my own observations and translating these into scale models.

I like to approach a new project by staying in a building or site for a longer period of time. By doing so, I try to listen, study and translate the building’s life, materials, and memory into objects that often come together in multi-disciplinary installations and autonomous objects.

In my work, I combine architectural history and heritage with my own observations and experiences to create new narratives on our fundamental, yet difficult relationship with our built environment. I have a strong interest in the way in which buildings absorb ideas and ideologies, fears and desires, memories and flaws; both those of the architect as well as those of the resident. Therefore, I always try to approach materials, buildings, and cities as if they have a memory of their own.


  • Plečnik House (solo exhibition, Ljubljana, Slovenia)
  • Art Brussels 2024 (represented by RAVNIKAR)
  • Lustwarande (group exhibition 'Arbos')
  • Drawing Centre Diepenheim (group exhibition 'The sketch, its realization and her lovers')
  • UNFAIR (group exhibition)


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