Eugene Jongerius

Digitale kunst, Fotografie, Schilderkunst
naar L.T.

naar L.T.

acryl / collage op doek

L 55 cm x B 40 cm



wandelstok, vitrine

L 85 cm x B 14 cm

second thought

second thought

acrylic one / multiplex

L 80 cm x B 14 cm

nice jerk

nice jerk

mdf hout fineer acrylic one tekening

L 30 cm x B 21 cm



– 'What does it all mean?'

– 'Honestly, that is the wrong question to ask.'

– 'How can it be?'

– 'An artwork is not a traffic sign.'

– 'Then what is it?'

– 'I want to change the subject.'

– 'You may not.'

– 'I am going to make an official statement.'

– 'I don't trust you.'

– 'My eyes are extra mouths. They do the talking.'

– 'I couldn't say, really.'

– 'There is a painting that looks back at you.'

– 'I think of transmediality.'

– 'There is a billboard next to the highway.'

– '…'

– 'You really ought to see it upside down.'

– 'Why the long faces?'

– 'What is that about?'

– 'An artwork is not a thesis on a subject.'

– 'I do not understand your language.'

– 'If you play it backwards you hear voices.'

– 'It is the language of the piece, I guess.'

– 'You guess?'

– 'I guess so.'

– 'You guess you guess so.'

– 'Then what do you think?'

– '...'

– 'I think of aesthetic mutilations.'

– 'I think of portraiture.'

– 'I think of authority.'

– 'This is a polylogue.'

– 'I think of pornography.'

– 'I think it can be anything.'

– 'You really may be on to something there.'

– 'Nothing is recognisable.'

– 'Inanimate objects and the alphabet.'

– 'You express exactly what I mean.'

– 'Uncanny, isn't it?'

– 'Stop changing the rules.'

– 'You put words into my mouth.'

– 'I think of floating.'

– 'Where do we go from here?'

Michiel Westbeek


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