Nadine Veldhuizen, van

Beeldhouwkunst, Glaskunst
Yellow Turkish Delight

Yellow Turkish Delight

Glass, Resin, Acrylics

Part of a serie, focussing my research in distilling abstract shapes and compositions.


“Through my research in human posture and behavement we see tormented yet wondrous figures.
These represent different layers depicting our state of mind, reflecting the versatility of human identity.
I construct my sculptures by pushing the limits of characteristics of materials as resin, glass, concrete and clay. In their own existence the figures claim their autonomy, while the interaction between them creates a new conversation.”


  • 06/12/202306/12/2023
  • Adri is still looking for a new home from 03-2023 on, do you know a place please contact me! Kunstkoers is a yearlong exhibition where there is space for young talent to develop a sculpture for public space. Especially when you want to experiment and enjoy without being held back due to regulations


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