Nadine van Veldhuizen

Beeldhouwkunst, Glaskunst
Yellow Turkish Delight

Yellow Turkish Delight

Glass, Resin, Acrylics

Part of a serie, focussing my research in distilling abstract shapes and compositions.


‘Turkish Delight Bars’ and ‘Introspective in Blue’. 2024

Nadine van Veldhuizen (1991) often depicts sensual, playful yet powerful female figures. Through her research in accepting and just owning her different identities as a woman.
We see her reflect upon her need to function in society, opposing the unwillingness to conform to old terms of our society.

Looking at ‘Introspective in Blue’ we see four figures surrounded in a deep blue. These light boxes, made of rectangular shaped cardboard cutouts each pop a posture out of their frame almost as they do not belong in basic restrictions made for them. The soft pink voluminous wavy contours in the female figures are created by van Veldhuizen with usage of gravity, resin, and glass fibers. Referencing Henri Matisse, Yves Klein, the earlier work of Piet Mondriaan. Think in the usage of color and shapes. She researches different human characteristics. In order to evoke consciousness about our different states of behavior and longings.
Content related, we see homages to Louise Bourgeois and Pipilotti Rist as van Veldhuizen dives playfully but emotionally burdened with colorful aspects into the bearing of our mental and emotional human behavior. Positioning the vulnerable fetus next to a steroid looking empowered trained posture, her sculptures evoke a space where consciousness and reflection are acquired to understand our different types of longing. By framing these visuals contradictions, Nadine aims to raise awareness about the outdated mental, physical and social norms in the familiar context we grew up in in order to be socially accepted. To now start to behave equally.

Though in order to quit thinking too much about our position in life, yet still keep having fun without the deeper philosophical layers. Van Veldhuizen rejoiced in the making of the ‘Turkish Delight Bars’ series, as we just sometimes need something soothing and sweet.


  • Nadine van Veldhuizen @ De Kromme Haring. Gedurende de komende twee maanden is te zien in de brewpub van het jaar een expositie met de serie licht-wandsculpturen 'Introspectieve in Blue' en een kersverse nieuwe oplage van mijn 'Turkish delight bars'. Startend tijdens het Funkfest op 9 maart 2024.


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