IMPAKT / Tabita Rezaire: Symbiose Immaculée

IMPAKT / Tabita Rezaire: Symbiose Immaculée

An exhibition by IMPAKT in collaboration with the Centraal Museum. 

A cosmic journey through technology, spirituality and African historySymbiose Immaculée (immaculate symbiosis) is the title of a remarkable solo-exhibition by artist Tabita Rezaire. This joint exhibition by IMPAKT and Centraal Museum Utrecht brings together both new and existing video installations by Rezaire for a cosmic journey into the unique world of a ‘decolonial healer’.

Tabita Rezaire has her roots in French Guiana and lived in Johannesburg before settling in Cayenne. Her art blends various fields of knowledge, cultures, and views into a web full of references to mysticism, science, ecology, African history and post-Internet cultures. This cross-pollination is also reflected in the title of the exhibition: Tabita Rezaire’s art offers an ‘immaculate symbiosis’ of scientific ideas, technology and spirituality.
Her purpose is to decolonize technology, making clear just how much Western values and power structures have influenced the way we see and identify ourselves – as separate to the rest of creation.

The exhibition consists of two parts: the works Mamelles Ancestrales (2019), Peaceful Warrior (2015) and Sorry for Real (2015) are on view at the IMPAKT Centre. In the Annex of the Centraal Museum you can see the new video installation Orbit Diapason (2021).

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